New generation of self-cleaning vents for core boxes

The venting efficiency of core boxes during the filling and gassing processes plays a crucial role in determining the outcome. Here, the ISOVENTS™ core box vents from ASK Chemicals make a valuable contribution. Thanks to their excellent self-cleaning properties, ISOVENTS™ reduce the labor-intensive cleaning processes required for conventional vents, thereby increasing the mold life and productivity of foundries.

During the core shooting process, the air present in the core box is displaced by the sand that is shooting in. This necessitates adequate air extraction, particularly at critical points. In addition, the use of optimized vents has a positive influence on the core gassing process. This allows gassing and purging times to be significantly reduced.
The new generation of ISOVENTS™ core box vents has been developed with exactly these requirements in mind.

The three-part vents are constructed from a special alloy using the largest possible open surface area. They are equipped with a stainless steel hole plate with circular vent holes that is mounted between two nickel-plated brass carriers and feature a slightly spring-loaded structure. As a result, they effectively prevent any accumulation of sand grains or resin and, in addition to high venting efficiency they also guarantee smooth core surfaces as the outcome of the process.

Additional benefits include the ease of installation in the core box thanks to the knurling provided and the excellent self-cleaning properties of the vents. Thanks to the major reduction in the duration and frequency of downtime, overall productivity of core production is significantly optimized.

With this new development, ASK Chemicals has once again successfully expanded its range of foundry products with components that help equally to improve cost-effectiveness and optimize production processes.

Further information about the ISOVENTS™ venting concept is available to download from

Source: ASK Chemicals GmbH