New special sealing inserts for WISKA cable glands

The multiple and divided form seals, only recently introduced, are a response to the trend for increased parallel running of cables as well as for assembled cables.

WISKA’s new multiple seals meet the increasing demand for parallel running of data and control cables, for example in the growing field of automation and network technologies. In contrast to single cable glands, the use of a multiple solution makes it possible to install many cables in the same space. This saves the work and time required for installation and thus also storage space and costs, says the manufacturer. Furthermore, the SPRINT System comprises of seals with various hole patterns and many diameters for a wide range of cable types. Thanks to innovative tooling concepts WISKA can also realise customer-specific applications quickly and economically. Redundant insertions are simply sealed using proprietary red blind plugs, making them quickly identifiable.

WISKA’s divided seals are a simple system solution for assembled cables with plugs, sensors, cable shoes, etc. The plug is first inserted through the cap nut and fitting, after which the divided seal is placed around the cable. This procedure guarantees compliance with protection class IP 66.

The SPRINT cable gland system is characterised by its uniform range of seals for all materials, uniform clamping capacities of all cable glands and an assembly tool, which only depends on the gland´s size. The system’s versatility allows users to realize individual glands from a diverse range of compatible modular components – at significantly lower prices.