New steel core wire from Alcan Cable

Alcan Cable introduces its Ultra HS™ steel core wire for use at maximum benefit with Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported (ACSS, ACSS/TW) and Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Self Damping Conductor (ACSR/SD) products for power transmission line applications.

“We are pleased to introduce this new stronger steel core product, Ultra HS™, which offers lower sag on transmission lines and thus saves on tower height,” said Howard H. Atkins, director, Business Development and Marketing, Alcan Cable. “There are cases where standard steel core wire in ACSS will not provide the necessary sag profile. Our new Ultra HS™ steel core wire gives our customers another option.”

Conductors with Ultra HS™ core wires provide the lowest sag possible on steel core transmission lines operating at temperatures up to 250°C. For Self Damping Conductors, the higher strength steel core increases their rated breaking strength and offers lower sag while still providing its usual vibration protection, up to operating temperatures of 100°C. With standard ACSR, Ultra HS™ steel core wires will provide a stronger conductor that can be installed within the usual tension limits used to prevent vibration damage.

Alcan Cable’s ULTRA HS™ steel core wires are manufactured in accordance with ASTM B 958 standards and are available for a wide range of transmission cables.