New ultra-fast method to characterize steel cleanness

The method uses the company’s Spark-DAT option on the ARL 4460 metals analyzer. This increases the capabilities of the analyzer and provides a cost-effective and quicker way of distinguishing steel cleanness.

Inclusion control is more important otherwise the steel’s quality and properties can be affected. The company’s Spark-DAT option helps to discover, differentiate and count the number of inclusions in steel within a few seconds. The option provides a wide range of new applications that include assessment of inclusion size and analysis of oxygen content in damaged steel samples. These applications are efficiently used for steel cleanness characterization.

The Spark-DAT option offers a number of benefits to steel manufacturers. It significantly reduces initial investment expenditures and can help analyze nearly 30 samples per hour. The solution assures low operating costs as the surface preparation of sample, consumables and instrument maintenance remain unchanged. Thus, it delivers a quick and cost-effective solution for inclusion analysis in steel using optical emission spectroscopy technique.

Source: Azom / Thermo Fisher Scientfic