New water pump kits from ContiTech

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Expanded range: the ContiTech Power Transmission Group is adding 22 new water pump kits for European vehicles from various manufacturers to its range. The complete packages contain a timing belt, tension or idler pulleys and a water pump. The new kits will go on sale in April 2013.

The water pump has an important function: it circulates coolant through the engine, ensuring a uniform operating temperature. A faulty water pump can quickly cause severe damage: from an overheating engine to a damaged timing belt which, in the worst-case scenario, could cause complete engine failure. ContiTech therefore advises that the water pump - along with the tensioning and idler pulleys - should always be renewed when changing the timing belt. This ensures that the system will run trouble-free.

When changing the water pump, workshop staff should always compare removed parts with the new components and check whether the dimensions and appearance match, it is also important that all components and surfaces must be clean, grease-free and dry. New seals should always be fitted and use the coolant recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Once installation of the water pump is complete, the correct belt tension must be set in order to guarantee that the timing belt drive runs problem free.

The kits from ContiTech with a timing belt and water pump makes it easier for automotive professionals when replacing all the components of a belt drive at the same time: the OEM-quality parts are perfectly matched with each other and do not have to be ordered individually. ContiTech's 122 water pump kits cover over 90 percent of all European vehicles in which the water pump is driven by the timing belt.

Detailed information on the automotive applications is available on the portals for workshops and dealers at, in the online catalog at and from the Product Information Center (PIC) at The complete packages are also listed in TecDoc, the digital information system which provides the independent automotive aftermarket and workshops with comprehensive purchasing data.

Source: ContiTech AG