Nexans: Solutions for smarter power grids

It outlines the main challenges and expectations of smart grids and explains Nexans’ capacity to provide practical answers. The white paper also deals with the necessity of grid evolution rather than revolution.

Smart Grid commercial brochure

The new Smart Grid commercial brochure details how Nexans can help operators to evolve their networks upward through five technological stages: products, solutions and services – advanced cables and accessories; network simulation – showing how improvements can reduce losses and remove bottlenecks; sensors – monitoring current load and congestion so that load can be safely increased; communications – real-time command of substations and/or smart metering; new technologies – fault current limiters, DC systems and superconductors.

CAT-1™ real-time monitoring for overhead lines

On existing OHLs (overhead lines) for upgrades or for new installations, the CAT-1 Transmission Line Monitoring System provides dynamic and real-time monitoring of the actual capabilities of the OHL by measuring mechanical tension at the dead-ends of the conductor and local weather parameters, and feeding the information on additional capacity and time until maximum sag is reached back to the Network Control Centre for increased efficiency, safety and reliability.

High capacity aluminium conductor composite core for OHL

The aluminium conductor composite core is an innovative, lighter conductor with a core composed of carbon fibers embedded in an epoxy matrix and outer layers of annealed aluminum or aluminum alloy. This conductor has high tensile strength and low linear expansion with extremely low sag and reduced sensitivity to corrosion. Its high breaking load allows longer spans between pylons. It is particularly suited for river crossing and to decrease the number of towers on long transmission lines. In case of line overloading (contingency), its materials are designed to work at high temperatures still with low sags for increased safety and reliability.

MV superconducting fault current limiter

For Vattenfall in Germany, Nexans recently installed the world’s first Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (SFCL) in a power plant to provide short-circuit protection for the internal MV power supply (12 kV). This system can reduce a 63 kA short-circuit current to 30 kA instantaneously and down to 7 kA in less than 10 milliseconds, therefore providing unparalleled protection.