Nexans creates new KINOPTIC™ branded product range to provide a complete FTTH solution

The KINOPTIC™ range enables network operators and installers to meet all their needs for cables, components, distribution boxes and user outlets from a single source. This integrated approach, with all the elements in the FTTH package designed to coordinate perfectly with each other, ensures fast and easy installation as well as offering a flexible, customer friendly solution.

Nexans creates new KINOPTIC branded product range to provide a complete FTTH solutionKINOPTIC™ – the easy-to-install subscriber terminal outlet

An example of comprehensive approach provided by the KINOPTIC™ brand is the subscriber terminal outlet kit developed by Nexans to meet the specific needs of FTTH projects. It features a number of innovative design features, with five patents already registered or in progress. The Nexans solution is already proving very popular with European network operators because it is fast and easy for installers to use, since its preinstalled cable design eliminates the need to make an optical connection with the fibre cable. The installer does not have to open any lids or disassemble the unit, it is simply a case of unrolling the cable and mounting the terminal outlet directly onto the wall or rail.

The design also offers the subscriber a choice of two or four adaptor slots, as well as intuitive, colour-coded cord connection and full laser protection, in an aesthetically designed outlet.

Building on the Sumitomo joint venture

The cables for the KINOPTIC™ brand outlets are supplied by the Nexans company Opticable. The optical fibres are provided by Sumitomo, representing an important development in the joint venture between Nexans and Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd (SEI) created in December 2008, in which the two companies agreed to collaborate in optical fibre cable development for terrestrial telecommunications in Europe.

“The new KINOPTIC™ range is a perfect example of Nexans’ capability to support the development of FTTH networks with complete, fully integrated solutions including optical fibre cables and interconnection components,” says Xavier Renard, Nexans Interface Product & Marketing Department Manager.

Source: Nexans