Nexans launches automation cable solutions

Nexans has launched MOTIONLINE™ as its new brand identity that reflects the dynamic capabilities of its comprehensive family of cable solutions targeted at demanding automation installations where cables are in motion. MOTIONLINE™ control and power cables deliver high-performance and total reliability across a broad spectrum of chain, bus, sensor, robotic and control applications – even under the extreme dynamic loads experienced at operating speeds reaching 300 meters per minute.

MotionLine launch illu 250The challenge of dynamic conditions and harsh manufacturing environments

Automation installations present a particular challenge for cables, since they must ensure reliable transmission of data and control signals and/or secure power supplies while subjected to extreme dynamic loadings. Nexans has a wealth of experience in working with global automation system manufacturers and their harness suppliers to provide cables tailor-made to meet the specific needs of customers across a wide variety of industries, especially for machine tools, specialized industrial machinery and robots. These cables not only have to withstand the harsh manufacturing environment, they must comply with international standards and deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective performance.

Wide product scope and global service

Nexans offers a very wide scope of cable products for automation, including chain cables, servo motor cables, encoder, control and bus cables as well as special cables for robotics. This scope has been further extended with the acquisition, a few years ago, of Cabloswiss and Intercond that enable Nexans to offer a complete global service for automation cables.

Nexans has now brought all its automation cable solutions together under the MOTIONLINE™ branding that emphasizes its total service capability for everything from miniature control cables to state-of-the-art industrial Profinet cables, as well as discrete power cables. The new brand also covers hybrid cables that meet the demands of decentralized control systems by combining power and signal cores within a single cable.

Testing and R&D – a pathfinder for industry standards

The key to Nexans’ success in establishing its leadership position in the automation sector is its major focus on testing and R&D. This is founded on substantial investment in the dedicated Automation Application Centre (AAC), which is part of the Nexans Research Centre. This facility, unique in the industry, enables cables to be exposed to dynamic operating loads that simulate realistic, in-service, conditions, thus ensuring that they offer the ideal combination of bending, tension and torsional strength required for their intended application.

New cable materials

MotionLine Cable 250These intensive R&D efforts have established Nexans as the pathfinder for industry standards such as Profibus and ASI. The company is also pioneering innovative developments in cable materials. This ensures that MOTIONLINE™ conductor and insulation materials provide the fire and heat resistance demanded for safety and performance, as well as offering the resistance to attack by oils and other chemicals essential for a long service life.

Important new material technologies developed by Nexans include the outstanding TPM (Thermoplastic Modified) insulation as well as the new flame retardant PUR Medoxprotect-S jacket material. The very latest example is a new generation of servo motor cables designed for extreme dynamic loads such as a maximum speed of 300 meters per minute and an acceleration ten times higher than for the previous standard servo cable.

Future challenges

Nexans believes that the main customer challenges for the future will result from an even greater emphasis on cable reliability, while machinery becomes ever more demanding with higher speeds and levels of acceleration. Nexans is already responding with further investment in new testing facilities and will shortly expand the MOTIONLINE™ family with a new range of cables developed specifically for higher dynamic loads – including the servo motor cables mentioned above. This range will also include a new bus cable, optimized for challenging conditions that will also reflect the industry trend for increased data transmission rates by transmitting digital signals at up to 100 Mbps.

International standards

MOTIONLINE™ cables conform to all major international safety standards, such as German (VDE), Canadian (CSA), American (ANSI), Chinese (CCC) and UL worldwide.