Nexans launches cable solutions for ships and platforms

The comprehensive scope includes power, data and control cables. With its vast product range, extensive global production and research facilities, Nexans is continuing to innovate and develop new technologies, products and services for shipbuilding with safety, reliability and environmental standards at their core.

Nexans’ hybrid ship to shore cables

ShiplinkNexans has developed an innovative hybrid MV (medium voltage) ship-to-shore connection cable that enables ships berthed in port to cut their engines and plug in to the local power grid, as well as providing an integrated data and telecommunications link. Environmental issues are now a key priority for the shipping industry and port authorities, and this type of cable will help large ships to make use of AMP (alternative maritime power) systems that effectively eliminate the production of greenhouse gases while in port, as well as reducing noise emissions and saving on fuel costs.

Nexans innovates on strip ability, flexibility and installation

Cables in the shipping sector need to be flexible and easy to install in tight places. SHIPLINK™ cables make this possible while also offering better strip ability, ensuring easier, high quality connections.

INFIT™ technology increases fire safety

By applying the innovative INFIT™ insulation technology across SHIPLINK™, Nexans is improving fire safety within the shipping sector by producing cables that are able to meet the much sought after shipping fire safety standard, IEC 60331-21 and 60331 (part 1 and 2).

ICEFLEX® technology protects cable in cold conditions

Nexans’ ICEFLEX® technology is also applied to SHIPLINK™ cables that are needed for ultra-cold temperatures (such as in the Arctic), which go down to –50°C. Its properties allow cable to remain highly flexible during cold installation and operational conditions while ensuring advanced fire performance.

Nexans, a full service supplier

Nexans operates as a full-service supplier, not just a producer. Working in close cooperation with shipbuilding customers, Nexans manages its supply chain completely, often coordinating the work of 40-50 other suppliers, while assuring consistent quality and variable delivery logistics. Not only does it deliver just-in-time to shipyards around the world, but takes into account changing vessel types by sequencing deliveries in-order so that customers can receive cables in the right sequence for a specific vessel during production.