Nexans rolls out its green drum programme

In this initiative, Nexans is working with its wooden cable drum suppliers to become the world’s first cable manufacturer to upgrade to drums holding the PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) certification.

Green DrumsNexans has a total population of some 350,000 wooden cable drums in circulation at any one time within the European Union region alone. The drums are designed to be reused a number of times and according to their age and condition, be replaced each year. For all replacements from 2010 onwards, Nexans is deploying only green drums, produced with PEFC™ certified wood and carrying the distinctive PEFC™ logo. The programme relies on the availability of certified wood, and this is why its initial focus is on Europe.

“In our quest for sustainable development, we are able to carry out detailed life cycle assessment of Nexans cables from production to end of life. Now, we are taking the process a stage further to include the cable drums,” says Pascal Portevin, Nexans Senior Corporate Executive Vice President. “The green drum initiative is a perfect example of our desire to involve everyone in the business chain in sustainable development – the drum producer, the cable manufacturer, the distributor and the installer.”