Nexans signs a Frame agreement with Nordex

The WINDLINK® solution comprises cables and connectors, with kits customized to the specific needs of each wind turbine and supplied ready to install. They are ordered directly from Nexans by Nordex tower manufacturers and contain pre-installed cables for Nordex onshore wind projects in various locations in Europe.

Nordex has specified the WINDLINK® solution for the Low Voltage loop cables (450/750 V) and for fixed installation tower cables, both transmitting power from the wind turbine generator to the transformer at the base of the tower. The Nexans cables are designed to safely absorb the torsion loads imposed when a nacelle is constantly rotating to face the wind. They can also operate over a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to +90°C, while resisting exposure to oil, UV light, ozone and abrasion.

“This frame agreement with Nordex shows how the Nexans WINDLINK® concept goes beyond the design and manufacture of high-performance cables to offer a comprehensive solution for the wind power industry”, says Klaus Merklein, Nexans Global Sales Manager for Wind OEMs. “The key step in concluding the agreement was in passing a rigorous Nordex audit that confirmed not only the quality of our solutions, but also our capability to meet a tight delivery schedule.”

The WINDLINK® solutions for Nordex are being manufactured at the Nexans facilities in Bohain, France, as well as in Hof, Germany, at Nexans Power Accessories. The Nexans service includes supplying a dedicated kit solution for each specific Nordex wind turbine, while meeting a short delivery schedule as the kits are called off for each project.

Deliveries have already started, with kits supplied to tower manufacturers in Germany and Denmark.