Nkt cables goes “Down Under”

During the last couple of years Aussa Power Products Ltd has been working as distributor for nkt cables and has successfully launched medium voltage cables from nkt cables’ factory in China, and medium- and high voltage accessories from nkt cables’ factories in Germany. Apart from a highly competent sales force, the Australian company also consists of a very capable high voltage installation team.

“Today nkt cables has signed a Share Purchase Agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Aussa Power Products. Through this acquisition, nkt cables gets access to the Australian and surrounding markets especially in the fields of medium voltage cables, high voltage cables and accessories”, says Dion Metzemaekers, CEO of nkt cables group and continues “nkt cables will also be able to perform high voltage Turn Key projects in the region, combining the industrial ex-pertise of nkt cables in Europe and China supported by the excellent workforce and management of Aussa Power Products – from today nkt cables Australia”.