PFAFF Industrial at Texprocess 2013

With the PFAFF 5626 PFAFF INDUSTRIAL presents a new unison feed chain stitch special high-speed seamers (2-needle) for the heavy segment. The PFAFF 5626 (inliner-technology) targets the automotive interior segments and will set new standards for highly decorative two-needle fancy and top-stitch work. Without a doubt the chain stitch basis offers some advantages that the sewing manufacturers of automotive interiors have realized.

Thus the PFAFF 5626 delivers a perfect seam - the stitches of the left and right needle respectively seam are absolute identical and parallel. This is a particularly valid argument when it comes to the visible seams on the dashboard and the side panels. Additional advantages for this new product are that the machine does not require bobbin change and thus items like the bobbin thread sensor are not needed. By using the INLINE technology the machine may be expanded to up to 10 needles that work side-by-side.

The POWERLINE 2545 series (unison feed special lockstitch flatbed sewing machines) was strongly improved and updated. The machines will be shown with a new thread trimmer for short thread ends that sets new standards with regards to strength and reliability. It ensures a remaining thread length of 5 mm or less. No manual trimming of remaining threads is required. In addition, PFAFF technicians and engineers developed a new device for a "neat seam start" which will enthuse all the experts.

The PFAFF 3590 Portal is the flagship of PFAFF INDUSTRIAL when it comes to large area sewing units. The new machines are efficient sewing units "Made in Germany" which set the standard when it comes to reliability and process reliability for sewing areas of up to 1200 x 700 mm (under development: 2,000 x 1,200 mm). The sophisticated sewing technology based on our XXL vertical hook and a unique seam-optimizing system provide the highest seam quality and a perfect stitch quality in multi-directional sewing over the whole sewing area.

A controlled thread nipper for needle and bobbin thread ensures a reliable seam start (with a neat stitch formation) across the entire sewing piece. All complex top-stitch and decorative stitching operations can be mastered with this new PFAFF 3590 portal. The machines are offered as a single- or double needle version.

At the TEXPROCESS PFAFF will show a PFAFF 3590 Portal featuring panel PC control and equipped with remote functionalities that are based on the specifications of a renowned automotive supplier. The latest tools are used for networking and remote maintenance (e. g. VNC-server of the latest generation). The panel PC may be used to call up operator manuals, parts lists, error lists etc.

The short seam automat PFAFF 3586 is the most flexible automat with the widest range of applications in its class. The machine may be used to sew the following seam types:

- Single-pointed darts
- Two-pointed darts (new)
- Shaped dart for skirts with diagonally cut waistband
- Skirt pleats - open and closed
- Basting stitch to better press open the seams
- Short seam to pre-sew seams that are incorporated into the waistband

This partially overlapping work method enables the economic use of the machine. The concept of the machine ensures an conversion, independent of any guide rails. Pre-programmed patterns enable a change of operations in a matter of seconds. The patented material take-over station guarantees exact seam lines as pre-set.The stitch condensation at the end of the seam ensures a slim, neat point with no untidy "dimples".

With the PFAFF 3586-13/02 a new version of this range will be shown in Frankfurt which sews two-pointed darts on shirts and blouses (seam length 300 mm)

In the welding section a new ultrasonic machine PFAFF 8312 dual will be exhibited. The machine cuts the edges, seals them and seams a second weld seam as reinforcement IN ONE OPERATION. The two anvil wheels (one for cutting and sealing and the other one to realize the second weld seam) on one post, but on separate shafts.

The two wheels are running in sync but the newly patented solution ensures an individual adjustment of the welding force. This is an absolute unique selling point (USP) for this technology. The machine may be adjusted better and more precisely to the material at hand and increases the process reliability when welding and cutting to weld seams. The minimum distance between weld seam an cutting is around 1 mm.

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