PREHEATER 6000 - Reliability from the very first

For these applications SIKORA offers the advanced preheating system PREHEATER 6000.

The PREHEATER 6000 is positioned before the extruder and preheats the wire by means of inductive heating depending on product type from 100°C to 190°C.

SIKORA offers the device with the processor system ECOCONTROL 600 directly integrated in the preheaterhousing. The ECOCONTROL 600 displays the product and production parameters numerically and graphically on a clear 8.4“-TFT-monitor. Moreover, it includes a trend display of the relevant data, such as temperature and line speed.

An additional highlight is the integrated product library, where product recipes can easily be stored and recalled. To ensure a stable temperature and optimum adhesion the required power is calculated by the PREHEATER 6000 depending on line speed and product diameter.

With the addition of the PREHEATER 6000 in its product range, SIKORA offers customers a complete scope of system solutions. A setup change of the line with the PREHEATER 6000 is possible in combination with several interfaces such as Profibus-DP.

The PREHEATER 6000 is available for solid round conductors with a product diameter from 0.45 - 2.8 mm (0.0177 - 0.1102"), as well as for stranded conductors with a conductor cross-section from 0.16 - 6.16 mm² (0.0063 - 0.2425").

Outstanding Features

- Optimum adhesion of the PE (or other plastics) on the conductor
- Reliable control of the preheater‘s power for a precise heating of the wire
- PREHEATER 6000 can be retrofitted into existing lines
- Graphical interface with recipe storage and trend display via ECOCONTROL 600

Source: Sikora