PTFE Coated Mandrels for Fuse Welding and Tipping

Applied PTFE Natural® Coated Mandrels are non-flaking and provide a smooth anti-stick surface that can withstand up to 288°C continuous, with excur-sions to 371°C. Designed to prevent sticking and simplify catheter removal in fuse welding and tipping operations, these stainless steel or nitinol forming mandrels exhibit a 0.05 coefficient of friction per ASTM-1894.

Maintaining an inventory of over 50,000 pieces, Applied PTFE Natural® Coated Mandrels are available in sizes from 0.004” to 0.070” O.D., including many fractional sizes from 0.004” to 0.040” O.D. with ±0.0003” standard tolerances, custom to ±0.0001”, and precision cut lengths to 12 ft.