PTFE sealing material sets new benchmark for hydraulic seals

Extensive testing has shown Turcon® M12 has exceptional performance against the most important hydraulic sealing characteristics, such as wear, friction and high pressure operation. The material is also resistant to virtually all media, including a broad range of lubricants.

The cost-effective material provides customers with extended seal life, as well as a wide operating window in terms of temperature, pressure and velocity, and performs as well or better than specialized compounds in each parameter.

On almost every parameter Turcon® M12 is better

“Turcon® M12 has exceeded even our expectations and we believe no other material can give such universally outstanding performance,” says Holger Jordan, who heads up the fluid power technology department within the R&D department at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Stuttgart, Germany.

“On almost every parameter it is better, sometimes very significantly so, than previously recommended compounds, or was at least equal to them. Despite the outstanding performance of many of our sealing materials, we don’t often stand up and say that this is the best in market. But Turcon® M12 is truly unrivalled, fitting virtually all hydraulic applications,” he adds.

Recommended as the material of choice for hydraulic applications

Before its launch, Turcon® M12 was put through its paces in the research lab, undergoing an extensive test program comparing it to best-in-class compounds, against important sealing parameters. Turcon® M12 was developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Helsingør, Denmark and tested in the R&D labs in Stuttgart, Germany and Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.

Source: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions