Paige Electric Transforms the Wire and Cable Industry

The goal was to replace the non-recyclable, chemically infused plywood reels which had been used for decades with something more environmentally friendly.

The wire and cable industry was called on to overcome a legacy that had left piles of chemically infused, non-recyclable reels languishing in landfills for generations. Paige Electric heard the call and developed an earth friendly package, the 1 Pac2. A 100% recyclable box cable dispensing system that met sustainability goals while saving customers time and money. The 1 Pac2’s revolutionary design has been praised by installers for ease of use, unique ability to handle heavy electronic cable and is loved by buyers who watch the bottom line.

“The challenge was to develop a product that was environmentally responsible, able to handle the weight of the product, provide multiple dispensing options and not add costs," stated Paige Electric President Lou Grotta.

Paige’s 1 Pac2 is a box sturdy enough to handle the bulk of cable and wire up to an unprecedented 100 pounds. The new design doesn’t tangle, stops spinning when the installer stops pulling and includes dual reinforced handles. The 1 Pac2 can be used with or without a rack and also saves warehouse costs, stacks easier and eliminates special handling charges during shipping. Installers have found that installation time is reduced significantly, reducing costs.

“We get a lot of positive feedback from the guys on the job and they always mention there are no more splinters!” according to Frank Conaty, Paige Electric vice president.

Once in a great while comes along a new idea that just works on every level. The Paige Electric 1 Pac2 is that rare innovation. The wooden reel lingering in landfills seems destined to be a thing of the past, when the 1 Pac2 performs better, is more cost effective and 100% recyclable.

Source: Paige Electric,