Pioneers set new benchmarks - again!

Complete WITTENSTEIN portfolio profits from proven strategy


With the cyber force motors family of linear actuators from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor the ball screw can be regreased during operation – without having to stop the machine for maintenance © 2015 WITTENSTEIN AG

Treading new paths, discovering new worlds – this has been WITTENSTEIN's motivation to innovate continuously for more than thirty years now. The complete portfolio of motors, gearheads, drive systems and comprehensive mechatronic solutions profits from this proven strategy.

In October, the WITTENSTEIN Group showed its newest milestones at Motek 2015 – uniting technical perfection and responsiveness to industry needs with ingenious integration concepts and intelligent maintenance.

Setting new technology benchmarks means raising the bar in the market. This is something WITTENSTEIN has been doing for more than thirty years now with astounding regularity.

Gear design: low-backlash and backlash-free innovations

When the first low-backlash SP planetary gearheads were manufactured by WITTENSTEIN alpha back in 1983, a new era dawned for decentralized drive technology – away from a central line shaft. Since then, more than two million low-backlash planetary gearheads have come off the production line. The newest high speed version, the SP+ HIGH SPEED, currently sets the benchmark in applications where maximum positioning accuracy and speeds are essential during continuous operation. Low backlash, optimal torsional rigidity and high precision – these three outstanding attributes of the hypoid gearheads redefined the technological standard when the series was unveiled back in 2007.

In spring 2015, WITTENSTEIN took the leap from low-backlash to backlash-free with the Galaxie Drive System – another highlight among the exhibits at this year's Motek. It's the completely redesigned kinematic principle without a gear wheel that sets Galaxie apart from the rest: each tooth is an independent and dynamic entity, so that full surface contact takes place, not line. As a result of this optimized engagement, Galaxie beats all conventional gearhead types in all important technical details.

Focus on customer and industry needs: "no compromise" approach

Two years previously in 2013, WITTENSTEIN alpha launched the world's first planetary gearhead with EHEDG* certification, which caters for the needs of machine builders and plant operators in the food processing and packaging industry. The HDV and HDP Hygienic Design gearheads with an output shaft or output flange put an end to the typical compromises as regards the choice of materials, component design or type of enclosure with a combination of optimal sealing properties against fluid ingress or discharge, incomparable resistance to corrosion owing to the special hygienic steel and easy-to-clean housing surfaces.

The outcome: hygienic machine designs as well as safer processing, filling and packaging with no microbial contamination or other product risks.

Innovative rack installation: intelligent integration

It isn't just the performance features with which WITTENSTEIN sets benchmarks again and again. Innovative ideas are often inspired by drive solutions that have proven successful in practice. Our integrated rack installation technique is a good case in point. Instead of the traditional method of first fixing the racks to a machine bed with screw clamps and then bolting them tight, WITTENSTEIN racks can now be mounted directly and highly precisely thanks to an integral clamping device. This revolutionary system enables assembly times to be reduced by up to 50%.

Maintenance without downtime: optimal availability for linear actuators

The cyber force motors made by WITTENSTEIN cyber motor convert rotational into linear movements. Over and above this basic function, these linear actuators open up a range of exciting solutions due to their individual design and high power density.

This is true both in everyday industrial use and in rough environmental conditions. Featuring a highly integrated ball screw, the linear actuators set benchmarks with a novel feature that creates genuine added value and dramatically improves serviceability: owing to the patented lubrication system, the screw can be regreased during operation without having to stop the machine for maintenance. Maintenance-free solutions can also be developed on request.

The pioneers at WITTENSTEIN set new benchmarks again and again – with the constant new challenges presented by the market for the Group's product and service portfolio as the bar for future technological innovations.

*EHEDG: European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group