Process automation at the Metropolitan Solutions Forum

For the first time this year, Festo will be represented with a stand at the Metropolitan Solutions Forum. Festo is presenting its efficient solutions for municipal water/wastewater management in urban infrastructures.

Population growth, urbanisation, rising standards of living and energy costs are just some of the challenges being faced to an increasing extent by towns and major cities worldwide. Intelligent solutions must be developed in order to make efficient and sustainable use of our increasingly scarce resources. The Metropolitan Solutions Forum demonstrates holistic system solutions and components for the towns and major cities of the future. The performance leader Festo is using this international platform to highlight its contribution to the future models of urban infrastructures.

"As a technology-neutral supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology, Festo is further extending its expertise in water and wastewater management in terms of energy efficiency, resource issues and sustainability," said Dr. Eckhard Roos, head of Business Centre, Process Automation at Festo. With the project "Energy self-sufficient automation of decentralised water reservoirs in water resources management," Festo is demonstrating its contribution to "greentelligence": Festo's solution renders the automation of a system self-sufficient in energetic terms, i.e. the energy is generated using renewable sources, by means of control by remote I/O units and integrated CPX/MPA valve terminals from Festo. The use of outflow-restricting slide valves with regulated linear actuators ensures that the maximum permissible outflow from a storm water basin is not exceeded. Festo is thus demonstrating an innovative, energy-efficient solution for decentralised applications in process automation.

Festo is represented as a solution provider not only in the exhibition area, but also in presentations at the Metropolitan Solutions Forum. As at the Festo stand, the focus here is on the intelligent automation of water treatment plants, pressure management in drinking water supplies and the increasing importance of energy efficiency and life cycle cost optimisation in water resources management.

An international example of an application by Festo is to be presented as a lighthouse project by the Trade Fair operator, DMAG. A solution already implemented in the automation of several drinking water treatment plants in Egypt will be demonstrated. This solution is geared toward more rapid and efficient commissioning, with lower investment costs and a significant reduction in life cycle costs, e.g. by means of rapid accessibility and adaptability of relevant system parameters.

AquaJellies - bionic technology-bearers

A highlight are the AquaJellies - jellyfish floating in a pool of water. The AquaJellies are endowed with communication skills so that they can act as a swarm, which then behaves as a more highly developed system. When this principle is applied to automation, the systems are referred to as self-organising networks. A possible analogy from the field of wastewater treatment is the autonomously organised conveyance of accumulated rainwater from several decentralised water reservoirs to a central treatment plant. Condition monitoring applied at component and system levels makes for efficient operations, repair and maintenance.

Festo is exploring new possibilities in biomechatronics, thus demonstrating potential as to how one can act as a competent catalyst for customers in the water management sector and raise awareness of energy consumption at water treatment plants.

Quelle: Festo AG & Co. KG