The reviews are in. QED Wire Lines is proud to pronounce the latest Mark 4 ART immersion burner a success. The new Advanced Recuperative Technology burner is being well received the world over with more than 75 units purchased and put into service in just over 2 years, with 30 more planned. The burners offer unparalleled heat recovery from an extended double-pass integral recuperator that pre-heats the incoming combustion air.

The result: over 76% thermal efficiency = almost 20% fuel savings over traditional immersion burner systems. Constructed of stainless and high nickel alloy steels, this modularly constructed burner offers an extended operating lifespan and reduced maintenance.

The Mark 4 ART burner is available as an upgrade to all existing immersion burner Galvanizing, Galfan® and Aluminizing furnaces.

Other quality benefits:

- Easy Starting and Reliable Operation
- Significant Energy Savings
- Cooler Body Temperature
- Exceptional Flame Stability
- Lower CO and NOx
- Direct Spark Ignition
- Self- Recuperative
- UV or Flame Rod Supervision