Rubber-metal buffers for rough environments

Robust stainless steel vibration absorbers from norelem

© 2015 norelem Normelemente KG

© 2015 norelem Normelemente KG

Rubber-metal buffers absorb vibrations, cushion shocks as well as reduce accelerations and structure-borne sound. They are used in many areas of industry, trade and in household appliances.

Alongside the tried-and-tested natural rubber and galvanised steel range, norelem now also offers cylindrical rubber-metal buffers in stainless steel for rough ambient conditions and for outdoor use. These simple and inexpensive standard elements are available in the standard versions and can be supplied ex works.

Rubber-metal buffers from norelem are practical all-rounders for elastic bearing and support. They are functional, flexible and universally applicable and absorb both compression and (to a lesser extent) shear loads.

They can therefore be used to absorb vibrations when moving and positioning machines, mechanical parts and work tables. They are used, among other things, when installing assemblies, motors, compressors, pumps and testing machines. Rubber-metal buffers can cushion movements, absorb impacts and ensure noise-reduced operation of washing machines and other household appliances.

When the rubber-metal buffers are exposed to wind and weather or are intended for long-term use in highly corrosive or other aggressive environments, then the more resistant stainless steel model is the one to choose.

norelem offers cylindrical rubber-metal buffers in stainless steel
- with threaded pins on both sides (Type A: ø 15 – 40, M4 – M8)
- with threaded pins on one side and internal threads on the other (Type B: ø 8 – 40, M3 – M8)
- with inner threads on both sides (Type C: ø 10 – 30, M4 – M8)
- with threaded pins on one side only (Type D: ø 8 – 30, M3 – M8).

All parts are manufactured in a standard version in natural rubber quality and with a 55° Shore A hardness. Rubber-metal buffers from norelem are available from the online shop or in the catalogue.

Source: norelem Normelemente KG