SPRINT cable glands: Special sealings in a system

In many industries, several cables with same or different diameters have to be inserted into one enclosure - by nature, they would need a cable gland each. As enclosures are becoming smaller and smaller, but more and more cables are needed, multiple entry solutions apply.

Compared to installations with numerous cable glands, the multiple sealing inserts (MFD) of WISKA save assembly work and time: They allow for inserting diverse cables through only one cable gland. The sealing inserts are available with various hole patterns for different diameters and number of cables and reduce the need for cable glands, for example, in automation, mechanical engineering and switching gear construction. Holes not needed can be closed with blind plugs in red colour making them easily identifiable.

But not only a large number of cables, also assembled cables, for example, with plugs, clamps or sensors, call for a clever sealing concept. To insert assembled cables, WISKA offers divided form sealings (GFD) which are put around the cables and allow for assembly of every kind of cable. Thanks to a special production technology, most of the multiple sealing inserts also can be changed into divided gaskets.

All special sealings - multiple, divided and also variations for special cable types - can be combined with all cable glands and materials of the SPRINT cable gland system for metric, PG or NPT threads. On request, WISKA also offers tailor-made inserts complying with individual requirements. All components meet at least IP 66.

Source: WISKA Hoppmann & Mulsow GmbH

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