Safety cabling for O2 World in Berlin

The safety systems for the facility are powered using proven extended-integrity cabling and components by Daetwyler Cables.

With an area of 60,000 square metres and seating and standing capacity for 17,000 guests, O2 World in Berlin is the largest event arena in the German capital. In addition to concerts, the multifunctional arena is used mainly for sporting events, including home games of the Eisbären Berlin (ice hockey) and ALBA Berlin (basketball). Developer and financier of O2 World is the Anschutz Entertainment Group, which operates and markets stadiums, arenas, and theatres worldwide.

Large public facilities such as this must meet extremely high safety standards. Fire-protection systems play a central role, and at O2 World these were designed and installed by the engineering office hhpberlin. The emergency power supply is provided by a high-capacity battery array and two large diesel generators in parallel. Together, these supply the emergency lighting, elevators, air expulsion, and smoke extraction systems. To ensure that the safety systems will function reliably in the case of fire, they are powered using tested extended-integrity cables by Daetwyler Cables (E30, E90).

Two companies handled installation of the safety cabling: Wahlen & Schabbach Elektroinstallations GmbH in Weiskirchen and Elektro Volkmann in Zehdenick. Between October 2007 and July 2008 these two contractors installed some 40 kilometres of ceramic-insulated cable from Daetwyler Cables' Pyrosys line.

During this phase Wahlen & Schabbach alone used 35 kilometres of Pyrofil safety cable for power supply for the emergency lighting system, fire-alarm systems, sprinklers, and extinguishing-water system. Nearly 3,000 Hermann clamps were used, as well as numerous SAS single clamps, Type B strap clamps, and special plugs that were also tested for extended integrity. The site manager reports that "the ceramic-insulated material is easy to work with on site. A great advantage of Pyrosys is that it allows much longer distances between fixtures than standard cable".

"We've been in the market for nearly 40 years and our reliable performance has earned us a good reputation amongst our customers," explains the procurement head at Wahlen & Schabbach. "According to our policy to use brand-name products only, Daetwyler Cables has been our first choice for safety cabling since the eighties because the company is both the market leader and the innovation leader in this field. And Daetwyler Cables has always been very consistent." In this project it was proved once again that "Daetwyler Cables is a strong partner. That includes quality of the materials, comprehensive test certificates, availability and prompt delivery, and competent people who know what they're talking about – exactly what we need to perform well on site."