Schaeffler expands its rolling bearing calculation service

New online module for calculating rolling bearings for electric motors and generators

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The quick and easy way to design reliable bearing supports: The new "BEARINX-online Easy EMachine" module for calculating electric motors and generators based on their typical mechanical and electromagnetic field loads © 2015 Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

The BEARINX-online family has a new member: Schaeffler customers can now use the "Easy EMachine" module to calculate electric motors and generators based on their typical mechanical and electromagnetic field loads. This new module, which is available online and can be used free of charge, therefore offers a fast and easy way to design bearings. Initial registration is simple and the customer can begin calculation work immediately.

Electric motors and generators with horizontal, vertical, and freely-selected orientation can be calculated at

It is possible to quickly and reliably browse through and compare a range of different bearing support variants. The weight of the shaft, laminated cores, and windings as well as the magnetic tension and other freely configurable loads are available for selection. This means that belt pulleys, gears, and imbalances can be modeled at various speeds and in different load cases.

The program guides the user through each step of the calculation process, and the data that have been entered are shown as visualizations for checking. Last but not least, the bearings (the core of the electric motor) can be calculated in a wide range of variations. The data of INA and FAG rolling bearings can easily be loaded from an integrated database. The saved files can be exchanged with Schaeffler's Engineering Service or a local Schaeffler Technology Center for final inspection. The objective is to offer the customer optimized and efficient support in his or her own product development at all times and, in doing so, shorten development times.

The BEARINX-online Easy family - a calculation service for everyone

BEARINX is a leading calculation program for designing rolling bearings and allows complete transmissions and linear systems to be modeled and calculated with all the relevant data regarding elasticity, contact rigidity, and environmental influences. Schaeffler offers special online versions that allow numerous target groups to utilize the outstanding potential of the software, which the company developed in-house.

The BEARINX-online Easy family is characterized by its ease of use and is available to everybody. INA and FAG products can be quickly and reliably calculated based on simple catalog formulae. The following modules are currently available: Easy BallScrew for ball screw bearing supports, Easy Friction for calculating rolling bearing friction, Easy Linear for calculating monorail guidance systems, Easy Linearsystem for single and multi-axis systems, and Easy RopeSheave for designing rope sheave bearing supports.

Source: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG