Schletter to relocate its North American headquarters

Schletter Inc., a worldwide leader in solar mounting systems, announces plans to relocate the company’s North American headquarters to the East Coast, drastically reducing transportation costs while increasing response time for customers in the region. More US manufacturing demonstrates the company’s commitment to provide ARRA compliant products, supporting job creation, and decrease energy consumption used in the transportation of large PV-structures.

The Company has set aside an investment package of 25 million USD for the purchase of capital equipment, highly-automated energy efficient production systems, and a facility with a footprint of approximately 100,000 square feet. In addition Schletter plans to hire more than 300 new team members over the next five years.

Expanding on current capabilities, the new headquarters will offer a full-scale product demonstration park with on-site NABCEP® certified courses for customers. Administration, engineering, sales and technical customer service will also be located within the new headquarters. With this move, Schletter will have a total of three full-scale production facilities in North America; two facilities in the United States and one in Windsor, Ontario. Schletter will disclose its decision concerning the final location within the next four weeks.

“There were many factors considered in the development of this plan,” states Martin Hausner, President of Schletter Inc. “Improved response time, decreased costs for the mounting systems and shipping costs, and the ability to stock more components to further reduce turnaround time, were all included when considering Schletter’s roadmap. Customers west of the Mississippi will still continue to receive the same service from Schletter’s Tucson site, while customers east of the Mississippi will receive service from the new manufacturing headquarters without any time difference. Schletter Inc. never loses sight of providing quality US made products with on-time delivery. This move will continue our mission of reducing costs for the benefit of our customers.” Mr. Hausner concludes with “We have to do our share to create a better environment, reduce pollution, and while keeping in mind the overall reduction in BOS costs to make solar a competitive energy choice.”

The Company’s manufacturing will continue in Arizona, Ontario, and at the new eastern headquarters. Sales and Customer Service Centers will continue to be opened in key markets around the country, as seen with the Hartford, Connecticut office opening this fiscal quarter. The new East Coast headquarters will be the fourth Schletter location in North America.

Source: Schletter GmbH