Siemens to supply mechanical equipment for ThyssenKrupp Europe

The modernization will further improve the quality of the surface finish of the hot strip produced as well as extend the range of products to include thicker and wider strips. The project is scheduled for completion in August 2012.

The ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe steel works in Beeckerwerth can produce around six million tons of crude steel per annum. The company produces hot-rolled coils on a rolling line with an edger press, two roughing stands and a finishing mill consisting of seven, four-high stands.

To modernize the finishing mill, Siemens will supply the work roll cooling and anti-peeling systems for stands F2 to F4 to safeguard the roll surfaces. Stands F2 to F4 will also be equipped with a roll-gap lubrication system, including the associated operating media systems. This will reduce the roll separating force required and the wear on the rolls, as well as improving the standard of finish of the hot strip. The scope of supply also includes powerful, hydraulic loopers with an operating pressure of 280 bars, which will allow a greater range of strip tension between the stands. Siemens is also responsible for the hydraulic system and the pipework.

An intensive cooling system from Siemens has been in operation on hot-strip mill no. 2 since December 2010. The "Power Cooling" process reliably cools high and higher strength steels and tube grades of a wide range of thicknesses. This allows additional types of steel to be produced efficiently and with high-precision.