SigmaNEST expanding rapidly

Paving the way for an even more seamless market support

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The SigmaNEST Team (from left) Andreas Buchner, Maik Kalinke, Christoph Weber, Martin Schlüter, Christoph Maryniok, Jan Schreurs © SigmaNEST Systems GmbH

SigmaNEST Systems GmbH increases the team at the beginning of 2015 paving the way for an even more seamless market support. The Dortmund-based software provider has picked up speed in the shortest possible time and wants to conquer the German-speaking countries and Benelux during the next year through their newly gained expertise. With industry experts, the company strengthens especially in the field of application engineering and sales.

Andreas Buchner is a certified technical business administrator, budding industrial engineer and a longtime IT-specialist. He gained experience with major computer companies such as Comline Computer + Software Solutions AG or Dell as a service technician and support specialist.

Now he changes from Messer Cutting Systems to SigmaNEST, where he assisted numerous clients worldwide since 2008 as CAD/CAM consultant and expert for SigmaNEST solutions. Buchner will expand the division of Application Engineering at SigmaNEST Systems GmbH and manage customer projects in charge.

Maik Kalinke knows Mechanical Engineering from scratch. With an apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator and as certified technician specialized in mechanical engineering, he worked for many years in CNC-Programming at Caterpillar Global Mining Europe. As an Application Engineer with many years of experience he will realize the optimal use of SigmaNEST solutions and give comprehensive advice to clients in their projects.

Jan Schreurs from the Netherlands has had an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, too. As an experienced sales engineer, he knows the market and its requirements exactly. Schreurs, alongside Peter van Trappen, will be another competent partner for customers and prospects in the Dutch-German area, for the German market as well as for Benelux.

All three experts join SigmaNEST Systems in January and will integrate into existing projects immediately. The aim is to strengthen customer service and to grow continuously in the sales area.

SigmaNEST Systems CEO Christoph Weber: "We had an excellent start in 2014. The market has taken our strategic realignment for Central Europe very positive. The feedback on the EuroBLECH was great. Beside sales services for our customers we see a growing need for support in projects as well as in customer care, what we can cover seamlessly and much better with a strong team. Therefore, we have decided to increase staffing levels in 2015 significantly, particularly for customer support.

"Our key concerns are efficiency, profitability and maximum resource utilization with significant savings for our customers. This only works with detailed knowledge of each customer's situation and teamwork on-site. By this we want to strengthen the leading position of SigmaNEST as 'Cockpit' for all machines and expand it."

Source: SigmaNEST Systems GmbH