Simply optimal: PulsFox PMG 10 level indicator

The best, most innovative, fastest, most accurate device ever! This type of advertising lingo does not guarantee that the solution will actually meet the user's requirements. For example, guided micropulse technology is regarded as the all-rounder in level measurement. Of course, it is a proven measuring principle that most manufacturers make use of in a similar way.

However, the physical basis of the devices will remain the same, even if some manufacturers try to convey the impression that they have re-invented the wheel with their products in terms of shape, colour, features or benefits. Yet more innovative, better, faster, more accurate and ... rounder than last year.

The new AFRISO PulsFox PMG 10 guided micropulse level indicators have been designed to measure the level of high-viscosity or low-viscosity, adhesive, conductive or isolating liquids or bulk solids, for example in storage or process containers, silos or tanks. The PulsFox PMG 10 level indicators, which operate on the basis of the guided micropulse principle, are available in the following versions: PulsFox PMG 10 MS with rigid mono probe, PulsFox PMG 10 MF with flexible mono probe, PulsFox PMG 10 DF with flexible dual probe and PulsFox PMG 10 KX with coax probe.

The user always has the optimum solution for his application at hand. Regardless of high or low tanks, disturbing installations, small distances or conductive foam on the medium to be measured - there is a suitable probe for virtually any application. PulsFox PMG 10 features an aluminium die cast housing and is suitable for rough ambient conditions. The measuring instrument has no moving parts and operates with high reliability and precision. T

he measuring accuracy is neither influenced by turbulent, steaming or dusty surfaces nor impaired by changes in density, pressure or temperature. If required, the PMG measuring head can be equipped with a local display (programming display).

The PMG 10 2-wire level (4-20 mA) indicator is fully maintenance-free and not subject to wear and tear. It is available with all standard process connections for use in hazardous areas (EX version).

All versions of the PMG 10 series of level indicators are available for free download as 3D CAD models from afriso.partcommunity.comso that they can be directly integrated into system engineering.