Singapore’s Newest Undersea Cable System

Signaling a major milestone in Singapore’s telecommunications industry, the long-awaited Asia-America Gateway (AAG) – a 20,000km submarine cable network system that directly links Asia to the US – launches today, powering the next generation in international connectivity, collaboration and multimedia content for the country. Services over the new cable system will be commercially available in January 2010. Today’s launch marks a turning point in StarHub’s 10-year history as the company will now manage and operate the Singapore-link of the AAG through its first cable landing station.

Terry Clontz, Chief Executive Officer of StarHub Ltd said, “the launch of the AAG brings another important strategic asset to StarHub, as it not only means that our wholesale and business customers now have more choices but the AAG, along with our partners, will place StarHub firmly on the map as a credible provider of international connectivity and services for the region. We will now be able to deliver seamless direct links to many countries across Asia and to the US reliably and efficiently, while at the same time support the expected growth in demand in broadband capacity both domestically and internationally.”

The 20,000-km long AAG is the only cable system in Singapore that links directly to the US. Built by a 19-member consortium at an overall cost of US$500 million, the AAG also connects Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Designed to provide a capacity of up to 1.92 Terabits per second of data bandwidth, the AAG also utilises Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, which enables it to provide upgradeable future-proof and scaleable transmission facilities that support Internet and e-commerce traffic.

Besides providing additional bandwidth capacity, the AAG is intended to provide an alternative and more secure link for data traffic from the region to the US. This route was designed to avoid the volatile and hazardous Pacific Ring, thus mitigating the effects from natural disasters which have previously damaged submarine cable systems, resulting in major disruptions to international Internet links. This will ensure higher service reliability and greater peace of mind for businesses in Singapore.

StarHub’s involvement in the development of the AAG demonstrates its commitment to invest in major projects that will ensure a better, more enhanced international Internet connectivity. This will ultimately result in a better overall surfing experience for all online users in Singapore.

Apart from the AAG, StarHub has also invested in other submarine cable systems such as APCN2 and EAC.