Single Coat, Primerless Heat Seal Solution from Michelman Allows Converters to Produce Heat Sealable Films In-House

A converter with a single coating station and a supply of Michem Flex HS-100 can produce heat sealable films according to “just-in-time” needs.

One of Michelman’s “Converter Ready Solutions”, Michem Flex HS-100 features a very low seal initiation temperature (SIT) and a broad heat seal temperature range with high hot tack throughout the range. Low SIT allows faster packaging speeds and lower energy consumption, while a broad temperature range is more forgiving of fluctuations in jaw temperature and pressure.

Michem Flex has the ability to seal to itself from a low temperature of 60º C all the way to above the melting point of polypropylene. This allows it to be used with a wider variety of substrates with low or high melting points.

Requiring just 1-2 dry microns of coating, Michem Flex HS-100 dries quickly, and keeps material costs low. It has been tested on a wide variety of films including BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, Cellulose, and PLA and offers excellent adhesion without the need for a separate primer coating. It produces a clear and transparent finish, and is food contact compliant.

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