Slip ring with diagnostic system

ADSR - the first slip ring with a diagnostic system for analyzing condition and predicting remaining service life


ADSR - Schleifring mit Diagnosesystem © LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS GmbH

LEINE LINDE SYSTEMS is presenting the new ADSR, the first slip ring with a diagnostic system for analyzing condition and predicting remaining service life.

Service planning made more efficient

Wind turbines, both onshore and offshore, are usually geographically distributed, and are therefore relatively far from service stations. As a result, unexpected servicing is incredibly involved and expensive. Thanks to the new ADSR, wind turbine manufacturers, managers, and operators will benefit from an advanced diagnostic system - fully integrated into a highquality customized slip ring. The system continuously analyzes the condition of the slip ring and predicts an error before it even occurs. ADSR makes planning wind turbine maintenance more efficient, making it possible to largely avoid unexpected downtimes and the resulting lost yields.

Key functions at a glance

Pitch slip rings, which supply the rotor hub with voltage, signals, and data, are subject to wear due to their design. The ADSR's diagnostic system continuously monitors the contact systems and other key functions of the slip ring, enabling condition-based maintenance for optimized value added. The information and warning messages sent via the diagnostic system are displayed by an LED on the slip ring and made available using network interfaces. Maintenance personnel benefit from a browser-based web monitor that can be opened anywhere in the world to view the current status as well as meaningful reports and analyses. The slip ring communicates data to customizable interfaces using the OPC-UA industry standard - an especially convenient feature.

Sensors to measure a number of parameters

The centerpiece of the ADSR is the integrated sensors for measuring vibrations, the level of voltage and current, number of revolutions, internal and external humidity, and temperature. This systematic monitoring and analysis enables the expected remaining service life of the slip ring to be displayed, both in terms of time and revolutions. Having this knowledge in advance makes it possible to use up the slip ring's entire service life. Unforeseeable failures will only rarely occur, which has a positive impact on the efficient operation of wind turbines equipped with an ADSR.