Software development requires performance

The network comprises an Unilan Prime Solution (PS) GG45 system for the horizontal cabling as well as pre-assembled fiber optic cables for the backbone and server room cabling.

Finnova AG Bankware, one of the most important developers of bank software in Switzerland has built a new company headquarters at Lenzburg. The new Finnova premises houses all employees under one roof and on seven floors and offers enough space for training- server- and technical equipment rooms. Highly specialised development teams are continuously enhancing the modular overall solution for banks and adapting it to the requirements of the customers. Beside sufficient memory capacities, a high performing communication cabling is required.

”Firstly, the new network should offer a long service live and future safety“, reported Salvatore Bucca, person responsible for the network at the company Finnova AG. “Therefore, our main focus had been: the usage of fiber optic cables in the backbone and a Cat.7 copper cabling on all floors“. They decided on the Unilan Prime Solution (PS) GG45 and pre-assembled fiber optic cables made by Daetwyler Cables. “To my mind, the PS GG45 connection module is currently the only future-safe solution since it offers the capacity to transmit 10 Gbit/s“, said Bucca. All cables and components had been delivered through the electrical wholesaler Otto Fischer AG at Zurich.

Among others the VoIP telephony and the WLAN access points had been integrated into the new network. But it is mainly used for the software development. „This work requires performance “, explained Bucca. “It is not necessary to use continuous fiber-to-the-desk cabling: Copper yields the same performance, provided that everything is neatly worked“. Fiber optic connections are only available in the high-security rooms where special employees directly access the software of bank customers.

The software developer operates about 120 servers in the new building on two floors. The server- and storage connections (10 Gbit/s) as well as the Inter Switch Links (40 Gbit/s) had been realised using pre-assembled fiber optic cables. The floors are accessed via high-performing fiber optic cables which Finnova currently operates in the backbone ranging from 2 to 4 Gbit/s.

„The building owners are using latest technology in all fields“, said Dieter Schaefer of the engineering company Schaefer Partner AG. „In particular the Cat.7 technique using the PS GG45-connections had been an interesting challenge“. Christoph Schmidmeister, head of Telematics at the company Jost Brugg AG, is having the same opinion: “The training performed by Daetwyler and the good information given to the suppliers had been quite helpful in being able to correctly process the modules“. This way and thanks to the pre-assembled cables, the fitters had been able to realize “lots of connections within only a few weeks“. The new network comprises 1,250 copper links (Uninet 7150) as well as 40 fiber optic sections equipped with LC duplex plug-in technique and fibers of OM3 quality.

When the system had been commissioned, “everything instantly worked perfectly“. Previously comprehensive measuring as well as samplings had been performed by the fitters of Daetwyler Cables and by Salvatore Bucca himself. „The products made by Daetwyler Cables had always been perfect. I am also quite content with the PS GG45 system. In my mind, there is currently no better product existing on the market“. Mainly the installed solution is future-safe: ”In the next few years we will always have the option to use new hardware without being forced to change our infrastructure“.