Solutions for high-speed interconnect needs

Molex Incorporated continues its commitment to delivering technologies that meet the growing need for ever-faster network transmissions. As the global demand for more advanced, high speed networks continues to grow, the company is focused on designing and developing solutions that help its customers meet the challenge. Molex's products and solutions are used in high-speed applications by companies in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, data/communications, networking/servers/storage, industrial, medical and military/aerospace.

"Molex is dedicated to providing its customers with high-speed products that are scalable and flexible so that they meet virtually any need. To do so, we continuously invest a high proportion of profits back into research and development," said Kevin O'Connor, product development manager, Molex Incorporated. "This has propelled us to the leading edge of product development and enabled Molex to consistently meet or exceed our customers' high-speed and high-density requirements."

The widespread growth of high-speed and broadband systems has introduced unique signal integrity issues. These networks require closely coupled high-speed links, which introduce noise, crosstalk and signal degradation. The problem is magnified over longer links in backplanes, cables and PCB materials. Finding effective solutions is a fundamental need in building reliable communications equipment and Molex provides complete electrical evaluation and testing for the initial design and ongoing support of all their customers' signal integrity needs.

The company has responded to customer demands for smaller and faster solutions and recently unveiled several products that meet the high-speed, high-density, high-signal-integrity needs for virtually any application, including:

Impact™ Backplane Connector System

The Impact Backplane Connector System's broad-edge-coupled transmission technology enables low cross talk and high signal bandwidth while minimizing channel-performance variation across every differential pair within the system. It provides data rates of over 25 Gbps, superior signal density and flexible configurations including the recently introduced CoPlanar Connector System and Mezzanine Connector System. Both meet the demands of the next-generation telecommunications and data networking market by allowing customers to optimize their designs for superior mechanical and electrical performance.

EdgeLine™ CoEdge™ Connector

The Edgeline CoEdge Connector is a one-piece, 25 Gbps edgecard–to-edgecard connector that is configured to meet an industry standard pitch of 0.80mm (.031"). This low-profile, dual-sided, edgecard connector supports sixteen PCB thickness variations with multiple circuit sizes for high-speed, scalable solutions in low-to-mid range telecom, computing and storage applications.

iPass+™ High Density (HD) Connector

The iPass+™ High Density (HD) I/O system offers connectors and cables that enable flexible-speed compatibility for applications ranging up to 12 Gbps. This ideal solution for the growing server-storage market was chosen by the INCITS T10 Standards Committee as their next generation I/O interface. iPass+™ HD features a unique multi-plugging capability that enables either individual 4x or unitized 8x plugs to mate to the same 2 or 4 port host board receptacle.