Songwon introduces a new and innovative solution for PP Fiber Stabilization

The new solution is designed to maintain excellent color stability and, at the same time, address the issues of strong antagonistic chemical interactions.

Existing stabilization systems, while excellent from the color point of view, show a strong antagonistic interaction with intentionally added process chemicals (Peroxides) during compounding and spinning of PP fibers. The new solution maintains the excellent color, while significantly reducing the above mentioned interactions.

Joachim Bayer, Technical Service Director EMEA, stated: “We believe that this technology offers the most balanced performance relative to low initial colour, protection of molecular weight and no interaction with peroxides during compounding and conversion; low colour development, low interaction with spin finishes, low gas fading and low smoke during conversion; the fibers show an excellent storage stability and low gas fading.”

Songwon has taken this new solution one step further by offering it in a fully formulated One Pack System (OPS) which facilitates the dosing and processing of high performance stabilizer packages.

Joachim concluded: “Innovation based on technical expertise and understanding of the markets we serve continues to be our major focus. Our goal is to deliver solutions that create value to our customer. This new solution is a demonstration of our commitment to do this.”

Source: Songwon,