Soventix and NewDev develop 100 MW in South Africa

Due to sufficient area reservation, each of the projects is extendable to up to 75MWp. Starting in 2012, the MW parks will be realized in terms of PPA (Power Purchase Agreements). The first Off-Grid solutions will be completed by the end of 2012.

"South Africa is one of the sunniest countries on earth. The specific yields are twice as high as in Germany. This is what makes Solar Power so reasonable in this region. In South Africa, Photovoltaic has the potential to become the most reliable and efficient energy supply. ", explains Tobias Friedrich, CSO of Soventix.

The local commitment is supposed to lay the foundations for future investments in South Africa. The mission is challenging, there is still a variety of tasks to perform. For the planned projects, land rights and public permits have to be obtained, the acquired properties need to be analyzed in detail and most of all, the situation of power‐purchase agreements with the public operator Eskom must be clarified.

"Our dedication has shown excellent success. The purchase of land rights is moving forward quickly and we have a very good connection to the local economy", explains Dr. Mark-Oliver Otto, director of NewDev South Africa (Pty) Ltd. It is not unusual that local contacts spontaneously lead to new projects like Off‐Grid solutions. "Local industrial companies and farmers can benefit from a reliable, affordable energy supply while we extend our local network and gain experience. A typical win‐win situation."

Source: Soventix GmbH