Sumitomo Metals develops steel with high corrosion-resistant performance

The steel has potential use in salt-containing environments like seaside and in cold climatic conditions, which requires spraying of anti-freezing agents. The material delivers high corrosion-resistant performance without any coating.

The steel bridges are generally painted to prevent rust formations. Hence, regular painting is needed as the rust spreads from a scratch produced in the coating or in the tip of building materials. The bridges constructed with innovative steel can increase the repainting intervals and decrease repainting workload. This will reduce bridge management and maintenance expenses.

Sumitomo Metals has added a trace of tin to enhance the corrosion resistance feature in salt-containing environments. The corrosion-resistant steel possesses fundamental performance characteristics like weldability and strength similar to conventional steel.

Sumitomo Metals has planned for further studies on the intervals required for repainting and maintenance as well as on the shortening of repainting work. This will result in reduction of costs during the entire life of the steel bridges and public work investment.

Source: Sumitomo Metals