Sunil Telecom starts business activities in Germany

Located in Hwasoon, Chollanamdo, Korea, Sunil Telecom Co.,Ltd was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of various kinds of telecommunication related products, and has since been active in both domestic and international business of telecommunication equipments.

With the government’s policy encouraging internet network access and hence the rapid growth of data communication, demands for fiber optic equipments have been increased constantly for the last decade in Korea. Following these market needs, Sunil Telecom has been developing and supplying fiber optic products such as Optical Cable Installer, Sheath Stripper and Optical Fiber Closure, Wire cable Clamp, Air roller, Edge roller etc.

Accumulation of years of know-how from work in the outside field has enabled Sunil to hold as much more than 20 intellectual rights. Since 2001 Sunil has been qualified as a designated supplier to Korea Telecom and proved the quality management by acquiring TL9000 in June 2005.

Not being satisfied with only domestic sales, Sunil has participated in overseas exhibition actively and marketed all over the world to increase the overseas sales amount in North America, Europe, middle Asia and south-east Asia.

In particular Sunil Telecom supplies various closures from small size closure for under 24 splices to large size closure used for maximum 1,126 splices of ribbon 12 fibers. The closures are famous for it's easy and fast installation. These in-line type closure have robust mechanism of cable clamping and guarantee perfect water proof. Sunil also supplies an optical termination box for FTTH network. ST-OTP series termination boxes are installed both indoor and outdoor. (Installing optical splitters and adapters, outdoor box house maximum 16 ports while indoor box house maximum 8 ports of subscriber line.)

Source: Inline Sales GmbH