TPC Adds Stainless Steel Option for Grip-Seals™ and Kord-Gards

Stainless steel is a must have for harsh applications that necessitate frequent wash downs, use caustic chemicals or are exposed to extreme temperatures.

The compression nut contains no knurling grooves which can trap bacteria, this allows the product to be easily cleaned and used in sanitary environments. Synthetic bushings seal out water, oil, or metal particles. Both the Grip-Seal and Kord-Gard contain a sealing O-ring which protects connections from dust, moisture and chemicals provides a liquid tight seal.

The Kord-Gard products include a full double woven stainless steel mesh strain relief. This design extends the life of electrical cable by protecting the cable from tension and stress. Both the Kord-Gard and the Grip-Seal are UL listed, CSA certified and IP68/NEMA 4x rated.

“We see applications all the time where standard cable grips break down due to wash down or harsh chemicals. Electrical terminations get compromised when moisture and dirt enter the connection. This can cause an electrical short, shutting down a production line or application. Keeping production lines up and running is key to our customers. These new stainless steel cable grips provide excellent protection against harsh chemicals, oils and impact.” said TPC Product Manager, Jay Hathaway.