Tailored piezo tubes

Noliac Ceramics has the capability to tailor, produce, cut, and grind the tubes according to customer specifications and at a high quality level.

Customization of outmost importance

Piezoceramic tubes are monolayer components. They contract laterally and longitudinally when a voltage is applied between their inner and outer electrodes. For ultrasonic applications, the tubes emit an ultrasonic pulse and receive an echo signal from the surface to be measured.

As piezoceramic tubes are used in a wide range of applications from micro dispensing to ultrasonic and sonar applications, customization of shape and dimensions is of outmost importance and a core competence of Noliac Ceramics.

Piezoceramic tubes are manufactured to the tightest tolerances. We provide tubes with inner diameters as small as 2.5 mm and tolerances as tight as 0.15 mm. All manufacturing processes are set up for maximum flexibility.

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