Teknor Apex develops two different vinyl elastomer compounds for cable-jacketing applications in wind turbines

Drawing on its expertise in compounding elastomeric materials, Teknor Apex has taken two different approaches to meeting the rigorous requirements of wind turbine applications:

● Flexalloy® 9609-80 is an 80 Shore A PVC-based elastomer that provides superior long-term UV resistance. It exhibits a brittle point of -60 ºC.

● Apex® N-56001 is a 76 Shore A blend of PVC and nitrile rubber that provides superior long-term low-temperature flexibility and oil resistance. It exhibits a brittle point of -54 ºC.

Besides exceeding application standards for impact resistance at temperatures down to -40 ºC, both compounds pass required tests for UV resistance, 60-day oil aging at 75 ºC, and flammability performance as specified in UL 1685-F4. The two compounds are rated at 105 ºC for maximum continuous operating temperature.

“Teknor Apex has developed Flexalloy 9609-80 and Apex N-56001 to provide cable manufacturers with different options for meeting application requirements,” said industry manager Mike Patel. “Both products are high-performance alternatives to the standard flexible vinyl compounds used in cable jacketing and are particularly valuable for their cold-impact and oil-resistance properties.”

Source: Teknor Apex