TeraFlex cables improve attenuation performance

Like the TeraGain 10G 50/125 multimode fibers, TeraFlex 10G multimode fibers are specifically optimized for 850 nm lasers (or VCSELs) but with added benefit of Macrobend Resistance. These optical fibers exceed industry specifications for, not only bandwidth and differential modal dispersion, but for minimum bend radii allowing use where tight bend radii are encountered.

The TeraFlex 10G series includes TeraFlex 10G/150 (OM2+), TeraFlex 10G/300 (OM3) and TeraFlex 10G/550 (OM4) fibers. Cables made with TeraFlex 10G fibers can now be routed through tighter turns without the concern for attenuation increases that would put high bandwidth applications at risk. Lower attenuation, which is especially important in Data Centers where cable congestion is high, means better channel margins necessary to meet higher bandwidth applications such as 10 GB, 40 GB and 100 GB Ethernet.

Source: Superior Essex