The JAKOB clamping screws

Innovative force amplification system

© 2015 Jakob-Gruppe

Power clamping screw SC © 2015 Jakob-Gruppe

The innovative force amplification System of the SC screws enables highest clamping forces with low torques and easy manual operation. The robust design of all components, as well as a high overload capacity, guarantees maximum operational reliability.

The special secret of the SC clamping screw is the wedge clamping system inside. Due to the geometry of this system, the screw guarantees a self-locking function in any clamping position and offers a tensioning stroke of up to 2,5 mm.
Through this, any clamping forces up to the rated value could be achieved independently of the torque.

Thus JAKOB Antriebstechnik offers apart from its standard series clamping screws with 40, 80 140 and 180 kN clamping force and graded thread diameters of M36, M48, M64 and M80 mm, as well as a new special design type SC 100 with M100 thread and a clamping force of 250 kN. For reproducible clamping force values, operation should take place using a torque wrench. The clamping screws are permanently lubricated under maintenance-free under normal conditions.

Source: Jakob-Gruppe