The STAHL 2016 event: Orientation in uncertain times

Pointing out potential courses of action

At the start of this year the German Steel Federation declared that 2016 would be a fateful year for the steel industry. This was certainly not overstated – no end of the worldwide structural crisis is in sight and the upheavals in international trade continue. No region can remain unaffected, not even most efficiently performing locations like Germany.

It is to be welcomed that this year we have received political support for our concerns. Only politicians can ensure a level playing field regarding trade and climate protection. Now it is necessary to translate the fine words into deeds!

The steel industry in Germany has a history of experiencing and mastering adaptation processes. A readiness to change and sustainable modernisation are integral parts of corporate policy here. It is important to emphasise that future prospects are fundamentally good and solid – provided that the industry is not exposed to one-sided burdens in international competition.


The motto of STAHL 2016 – Orientation in uncertain times – examines the challenges for the industry and points out potential courses of action. The event focuses on the sector’s prospects in this fateful year. Whereby, among other things, it considers the upheavals on global markets as well as European climate policy following finalisation of the climate agreement in Paris. We also look ahead, with the topics of industry acceptance and digitalisation. We discuss developments in energy efficiency during steel production, as well as the latest research collaborations and material innovations. Steel is a mature material, but its potentials are nowhere near exhausted.

The STAHL 2016 event revolves around eight Talks about Steel, in which specialist topics are examined in detail. The event traditionally closes with the Steel Get-Together that begins at 6.00 p.m.

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