The all-in-one solution for system monitoring, feed-in management, and energy consumption

AS EnergyMaster features a simple, fully-automatic installation, thanks to it’s „fast install“ technology. A laptop is not necessary for programming, because the inverters are recognized by the push of a button.

All legal requirements, including feed-in regulations, are entirely met. System operaters who use AS EnergyMaster have the unique option of including other energy sources, such as cogeneration units and small wind-power assemblies. The precise connection of energy strains, such as heat-pumping and heating elements in hot water heaters, allow for the 70% rule (effective power supply) by directly optimizing own-consumption. This is the latest innovation by the AS Control series for universal metering and regulation of energy production and consumption with extensive configuration options.

Thanks to high-performance hardware, fully-automatic software updates, and a variety of sustainable information interfaces, the developers at AS Solar can flexibly adjust nearly every setting based on the customers desired specifications.

AS EnergyMaster offers monitoring dependability that has been proven over many years, entirely independent of the inverter type. When connected to the internet, the user can have full access to realtime yield and system data from anywhere in the world. Otherwise, the information is readiIy available directly onsite. Unlike other providers who offer similar systems, AS Portals is entirely free and includes apps for tablets and smartphones. AS EnergyMaster, the cost effective, all-in-one solution is available as of now.

Source: AS Solar GmbH