The intelligent pressure gauge

Compared to other pressure gauges the EMPEO series offers doubtlessness of the blameless functionality, which the customer needs nowadays. Machines and processes are more and more complicated and convoluted - security is the priority.

This doubtlessness is offered by the EMPEO due to its two redundant working measuring systems.

That means that both measuring systems, analogue and digital, measure independent of each other and control each other. Consequently we have the benefit of the analogue indication with its goods instrument read-out and the well visible trend changing system pressure, combined with a digital indication by a pressure sensor. In case of a deviation in the measuring system, the customer recognizes it immediately and can react directly; he will not accomplish faulty measurements and will check the gauge. The chance that both measuring systems will show faulty values goes to zero.

Where other analogue-/digital pressure gauges ceases, this gauge just starts.

Furthermore it is accommodative: It shows different measuring units (e.g.: bar/psi/Kpa) in the digital indication and simplifies the use with functions like: minimal-/maximum pressure indication, reset and zero-function. Everything controllable with a magnet. On demand even with an analogue output signal 4-20 mA.

This innovation was presented by Manometer Preiss on the this years Achema in Frankfurt, which gets a great appeal to customers.

Manometer Preiss produces pressure gauges since 1926 for nearly every application area.

Beside bourdon tube pressure gauges, glycerine filled pressure gauges, pressure gauges for welding area, capsule gauges and diaphragm gauges Manometer Preiss offers the answers to nearly every application.

Quelle: Manometer Preiss EMPEO-KBM OHG