The new SOLIVIA solar inverter with peak efficiencies

The SOLIVIA 11 EU G4 TR with an output power of 11 kW offers new customer-friendly product features and allows high flexibility for the system configuration of photovoltaic installations.

The model combines the proven product characteristics of the SOLIVIA solar inverters with new and improved features. Due to the modern high-frequency transformer technology the inverter is compatible with all common PV modules and has a maximum efficiency of 96.5% at the same time. In comparison to other inverters from competitors, the SOLIVIA 11 delivers maximum efficiency over a wider power range. This is represented in the European efficiency rate of 96%. The wide input voltage range between 400V and 900V enables high flexibility in regards to string configuration and system design. The three-phase solar inverter is applicable for all plant sizes in compliance with the German low- and mid-voltage directives. Since January 2012, the model is available for the German market and will be soon available for use in many other European countries.

The integrated, multi-country software of the SOLIVIA series was as well integrated into SOLIVIA 11, so the installer can configure the model for the specific country by the click of a button. The new and larger display improves the usability and read-out of all messages. The integrated USB interface enables service friendly updating of firmware, up- and downloads of settings. A wide operating temperature between -25 °C and +70 °C as well as the dustproof casing allow the installation in protected outdoor areas and in different climate zones.

Up to an installation size of 30 kVA, the SOLIVIA 11 is applicable for use with SOLIVIA Monitor from Delta. The simple and cost-effective monitoring solution is especially suitable for smaller installations, like e.g. residential installations. For bigger installations, the model can be combined with monitoring systems from 'Meteocontrol' and 'Solare Datensysteme'.

Source: Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH