The procurement platform for the windindustry

With immediate effect, WINDSOURCING.COM offers advertisers a flexible, streamlined, easily searchable procurement platform that their potential clients can easily navigate, whether in search of spare parts, or other products. Advertisements can be independently created and updated in real time.

"WINDSOURCING.COM is the first platform of its kind on the market, and we look forward to contributing to streamlining the wind industry's procurement process. Operators, service providers as well as OEMs are welcome to use our platform to search for spare parts, place inquiries or offer their products on sale." says Stefan Weber, founder of the WINDSOURCING.COM platform.

WINDSOURCING.COM offers maximum flexibility for suppliers and servicers alike. The WINDSOURCING.COMteam can handle an advertiser's project from start to finish, or, if they so choose, each advertiser may register for the quick and easy log-in feature to maintain their project themselves. "This reduces the advertisers' cost and allows total flexibility", Weber adds. The WINDSOURCING.COM serves buyers, sellers, manufacturers and service providers in the wind energy industry.

The WINDSOURCING.COM-Team is consists of experienced purchasing and engineering professionals who are familiar with procurement processes. WINDSOURCING.COM's expert staff can direct site visitors to a more effective experience "It is fundamentally important not only to present a pure platform, but to offer professional background procurement processes as well!" says Weber.

An increasing number of suppliers use the WINDSOURCING.COM platform to introduce potential clients to their products and services. "We're convinced that WINDSOURCING.COM is an important sales and procurement platform for all participants in the wind industry" says Weber.

Benefits and Opportunities at a Glance:

- Online access to specialty product and service offerings related to the wind industry.
- A searchable company directory listing.
- WINDSOURCING.COM assistance for client sales or special offers.
- Procurement, promotional, and inquiry assistance through WINDSOURCING.COM-team.
- Account management features:
- Supplier searches
- Negotiations
- Conclusion of agreements and contracts
- Order expediting of spare parts orders for suppliers or OEMs.