Thousands of cables just one click away

Which cable stripper to choose for stripping a special cable type like a professional? JOKARI's cable database might know the answer. Its search function allows the user to enter a given cable type and the database will return the optimum tool within the blink of an eye. The beta version of the database goes live in April 2012 with many thousand types of cables.

JOKARI produces over 70 individual tools for stripping and de-insulating cables and wires. With its new database, the company plans to give its users a quick and simply means to find the solution they need. Accessible around the clock and from anywhere in the world, the internet database will be a blessing for cable handlers everywhere, especially on building sites.

Nothing could be simpler: the user visits and enters the cable type. A search by keywords, used by many user-friendly search engines, makes finding the right cable quick and easy. The user can select the right type from the list to receive a selection of one or more tools, each with a detailed description and image. Full integration with the JOKARI homepage ( gives the additional benefit of immediate access to a video demonstration of the tools in action.

"We have invested our knowhow from decades of experience into our new cable database. It is not meant to be a finished and complete set: rather, we are looking forward to adding more and more entries to it in a dialogue with our users", Frank J. Goebbels, Strategic Sales Director International at JOKARI, explains. The company invites the users of the database to report missing cable types. JOKARI will add any new or missing types to the database: one contact via Facebook, mail, fax, or phone is enough.

Source: JOKARI Krampe GmbH