Training program: Copper and FO cablings

Under the motto “Datacom Trained Networker”, Leon will be offering comprehensive training programs with the focus on copper and FO cablings again next year.

The purpose of the seminars is to give companies involved in planning, consulting and installation comprehensive information on new standards and developments as well as the necessary know-how on practical installation, cable handling and plug connection.

The seminars will be divided up into copper and FO technology and will be taking place on two consecutive days in the seminar rooms of Leoni Kerpen at Stolberg not far from Aachen. It is also possible to register for individual seminars.

Upon completion of the training program, participants will be in a position to install and assemble the cabling systems involved and assess them using the methods provided by measuring technology.

If necessary, Leoni Kerpen will also cooperate with your customers and organize seminars tailor-made for specific projects. As a visible sign of their increased competence, all participants will receive their own personal “Datacom Trained Networker” certificate upon successful completion of the program.