U. S. Steel to Relocate Tubular Products Subsidiary's Administrative Offices

"Moving our Tubular Products subsidiary's administrative functions to our corporate headquarters will allow us to realize additional synergies and reduce costs through the elimination of duplicate services," said Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer John H. Goodish. "Overall, this move will make us more efficient."

U. S. Steel Tubular Products, Inc. will continue to maintain a significant presence in Texas through a sales office in Houston and other operating locations.

"Our Houston office is an important location for sales and service," Goodish added. "Additional sales personnel will relocate to Houston to provide customer support."

In addition to the sales office, U. S. Steel Tubular Products, Inc. has tubular products operating facilities in Bellville (Bellville Operations Division), Houston (Tubular Processing Services Division, Tubular Threading and Inspection Services Division, and Wheeling Machine Products), Hughes Springs (Wheeling Machine Products), and Lone Star (Star Tubular Services Division and Texas Operations Division).

There are currently about 80 employees working at the Dallas administrative office, but the exact number of employees who will relocate to Pittsburgh and Houston has yet to be determined.

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SOURCE: United States Steel Corporation

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